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How to Have a Holistic & Stylish Retirement Plan

A confident woman's guide to taking control of your retirement and ensuring it’s as stylish as you’ve always dreamed!

"She has greatly impacted our financial future and family legacy."

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"Thank you, Kara!"

“Kara asked us what we wanted in retirement and after listening to us she explained our options in detail and in easy to understand terms. After modeling different scenarios with her, we were able to make well informed decisions. As a result, our assets are protected from market volatility, we reduced our taxes and generated additional retirement income! Thank you, Kara!” 

-Dave & Darlene Puentes

"...greatly impacted our financial future..."

"We are pleased with Kara's ongoing, forward-thinking advice. She has continually and appropriately recommended changes to our financial plan in order to meet our stated goals and objectives. The holistic approach she employed saved more than 40% on our current and future taxes. Her use of charitable planning helps us achieve our philanthropic goals without having to give away any control. She has greatly impacted our financial future and family legacy."

-Linda & Ray Carlson

"I have peace of mind..."

"My husband and I dream of retirement and, like everyone, want to live a long healthy life. Kara took a holistic approach to our financial future and provided us with safety of principal for our retirement accounts without giving up growth potential, and secured long term care coverage with no ongoing premium. I have peace of mind knowing that my hus­band and I have a solid plan for the future. Kara delivered impactful, long term results and is a pleasure to deal with."

-Jackie & Joseph Moreira

Ladies, Your Power’s in Your Purse!

You don’t need a man to have a plan... and if you have a man, be part of the plan

Are you ready to take control of your retirement and ensure it’s as stylish as you’ve always dreamed?!

"You’ve worked hard building up your nest egg; now, let’s make sure it’s going to keep working for you long after you retire.

Contrary to popular belief, preparing for a successful retirement isn’t as difficult as it may seem on the surface... But it does take work!

Part of that work is understanding how to properly protect your retirement income plan from potential “H.I.T.s” (Healthcare Costs, Inflation, and Taxation).

And this book is the blueprint for helping you do just that. You will learn:

  • How to maximize your retirement plan so it outpaces inflation

  • How to properly utilize the “3 Tax Wine Glasses” so your hard-earned money benefits YOU, not Uncle Sam-How to implement the F.O.C.U.S. retirement strategy that simultaneously protects your nest egg and maximizes your income during your Golden Year

  • ​And much more!

So when you're ready, simply click the button below and let me know where to send your complimentary copy of the book, so you can begin your journey to financial peace of mind!

-Kara Stewart

Wealth Advisor | Founder | Financial Fiduciary

"...the most robust and diversified wealth manager I have ever met or worked with."

Kara Stewart with FOCUS is the most robust and diversified wealth manager I have ever met or worked with. Kara’s wide background in the many financial spaces has provided her access to a variety of different financial tools, which I now have access too. She provides everything individual specialize in individual investment types like, Mutual Funds, Life Insurance Policy, 401k, IRA.’s, etc… Kara offers all of these and more so working with her is like working with a team of financial advisors. Working with Kara allows me to think about the way I Grow and Manage my Wealth.

-Rob Auger, Auger Enterprises

Who The Strategies In The Book Are For...

  • ​People in Retirement

  • ​Those with a 401(k) or IRA

  • ​Those Who have NOT Started Retirement Planning Yet

  • ​Those Who have Already Built Up Retirement Assets

  • ​Those Looking to Maximize Gifts to Charity and/or Heirs

  • Business Owners

  • ​Executives

  • ​High Net Worth Individuals

  • ​W-2 Employees

  • ​And More... 

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